Junior Cycle Membership Plan

  • When you sign up to our Junior Cycle Membership Plan:

  • You get easily-understood solutions to examination questions.

  • You get highest quality notes and tips to prepare you for classroom-based assessments and your portfolio work.

  • These notes prepare you very well for your communication / oral production task (CBA2).

  • You get clear worksheets and structured guidelines to ensure you pick your best work for your portfolio (CBA1).

  • You get clear tips on how best to complete your reflection notes in Irish which you do after you complete your CBAs.

  • You get clear tips and guidance on how best to complete your assessment task which you do after you have completed CBA2. This assessment task is worth 10% of your final Junior Cycle examination in Irish.

  • You get excellent notes on poetry, short stories, songs, films, plays and novels which are on your Junior Cycle course.

  • You get excellent notes on Irish grammar to ensure you write and speak accurately.

  • You also access excellent notes on vocabulary and phrases for everyday topics.

  • You get notes to help you write better paragraphs, e-mails, summaries, role plays, scripts and presentations.

  • You have access 365 days a year to your membership plan.

  • Be a part of an online community of Junior Cycle students where no-one is left behind.


/ 365 days a year

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