Leaving Cert Membership Plan

  • When you sign up to our Leaving Cert Membership Plan:

  • You get solutions to examination questions.

  • You also get examination-focused notes.

  • You get, in addition, up-to-date sample essays and reading comprehensions.

  • Membership comprises access 365 days a year.

  • Be a part of online community of Leaving Certificate students.

  • You get updated material regularly.

  • You have multiple opportunities for reading comprehension practice and exam preparation.

  • You improve your listening skills by listening comprehension practice and exam preparation.

  • You improve your oral examination preparation: conversation, pictures stories and poetry reading.

  • You get highest quality notes on poetry, short stories, novels and plays.

  • You have access to highest quality notes on grammar and sentence structure in order that you write and speak with accuracy.

  • You get access to phrases and vocabulary that improve the standard of how you write and speak.

  • You pave the way for your personal success and improved examination performance.

  • No-one is left behind.


/ 365 days a year

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